12 Years’ Solved Papers CBSE AIPMT & NEET 2020


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In such high level exams like NEET there are lakhs of aspirants who are enrolling every year to just limited number of seats, so having conceptual knowledge with thorough practice is the only key to success in such examinations.

Presenting, 12 Years’ solved papers [2008 – 2019] of NEET entrance that helps in tightening the grip on the major subjects (Physics, Chemistry & Biology). This guide is specially designed for the candidates by providing detailed explanations to the solutions of the previous years’ papers in an easy-to-understand language, also includes NEET- 2019 National & Odisha Papers. This book is a great helping tool for managing time and styling the answers in the papers. This book also provides 2008 examination paper in a PDF form students can download it as the link is mentioned in the book. Thorough practice done from this book will guarantee students in getting success in this examination.

NEET Solved Paper 2019, NEET Solved Paper 2018, NEET Solved Paper 2017, NEET Solved Paper 2016 (Phase II), NEET Solved Paper 2016 (Phase I), CBSE AIPMT 2015 (Cancelled – May), CBSE AIPMT 2015 (Latest- July), CBSE AIPMT Solved Paper 2014, NEET Solved Paper 2013, CBSE AIPMT Solved Paper 2012 (Screening + Mains), CBSE AIPMT Solved Paper 2011 (Screening + Mains), CBSE AIPMT Solved Paper 2010 (Screening + Mains), CBSE AIPMT Solved Paper 2009 (Screening + Mains), CBSE AIPMT Solved Paper 2008 (Screening+ Mains) in a PDF form.

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