Applied Statistics in Business and Economics | Sixth Edition | SIE


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This textbook explains the meaning of variation in the context of business, with the help of real data and real business applications. It focuses not only on an in-depth explanation of the concepts but also demonstrates easily mastered software techniques using the common software available. The book is in line with the current statistical practices and offers practical advice on when to use or not to use them. Salient features: exclusive section for Indian cases with questions! New and updated mini cases for Economics and business. New and updated exercise data sets, web links, big data sets, and related reading. Updated Excel support, including screen shots, menus, and functions. Introduction to the topic of analytics and how it fits in with business Statistics. Updated exercises with emphasis on compatibility with connect. Updated test Bank questions matched with topics and learning objectives. Expanded treatment of regression, including multiplicative models, interaction effects, and two sections entirely dedicated to logistic regression.

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