Bridge2Shopping Mouse Trapper, Rat Catcher, Rat Cage Trap, Big Rat, 11 Inch’


Price: ₹ 899.00 - ₹ 449.00
(as of Aug 09,2022 01:35:23 UTC – Details)

Metallic Mouse Trap for Capturing live Rat/ Mouse/ Rodents It is a useful little device for all those homes where mice and rats are a constant trouble. It captures the mouse inside quickly and then you an easily take the trap to a far off area and release the furry animal. If your home is prone to mouse excursions then this is a must have part of home utility for you. Features If you have a shop or a warehouse then you must be aware that mice can pose a huge problem if they enter your premises and cause havoc by biting and nibbling at your stuff. This trap is better than medicinal traps as they kill the mouse and this causes a stench and is also cruel. This trap however does not kill, it only captures

Rat Catcher Weight – 690 GRAM ; Capture Live Rat / Mouse / Mice / Rodents very easily
Trap Cage Color – Bronze Color ; Very convenient to carry and use , These traps have the advantage of allowing the mouse to be released into the wild.It is a simple device with a heavily spring-loaded bar and a trip to release it
Rat Cage Material – Iron with Blend of Zinc ; Lightweight , Non Corrosive , Durable , Long Lasting , Good Quality Product and High Quality Material
HOW TO USE – Just keep/hang a piece of bread /roti /chapatti for the rat/mouse .The moment rat enters the cage and tries to eat kept the cage will close by releasing the door with the help of springs attached . So the lock moves and releases the moment its pulled by the mouse to eat or take out the food from the hanging iron pin

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